Report: Blogs and Podcasts “Very Effective” with Sales Leads


According to a survey released by marketing research company MarketingSherpa, both blogs and podcasts were ranked as “very effective” in generating sales leads. Both blogs and podcasts appeared within the top 5 most effective lead generation tactics. The survey examined the technology service, business software and hardware industries. Survey participants were asked “Which offers are ‘very effective’ for generating high-quality leads?”

35% of software and ASP marketers ranked their corporate blogs as “very effective,” but only 19% of hardware companies said the same. MarketingSherpa says the reason may be because business executives, the main purchasers of software products, are more likely to read blogs than IT personnel, the primary customer of business hardware companies.

By June, 22% of software marketers who had used podcasts, a very new marketing medium, rated them “very effective.” MarketingSherpa suspects that this is because IT personnel are more likely to be early technology adopters and might listen to more podcasts. The survey is part of MarketingSherpa’s Business Technology Benchmark Guide 2006.


  1. Agreed on all counts. Not only do our podcasts outperform all other ad formats when it comes to lead generation, we are able to drive click to conversion ratios that are up to 400% higher than banners! And this is true for both lead generation and direct product/service sales.

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