Lycos Signs blinkx for Video Search


Venerable web portal Lycos has launched its new broadband multimedia search, powered by video search engine blinkx. Lycos’s 25 million visitors now have access to blinkx’s index of more than 5 million hours of TV, music video, vlog, and documentary video content. Instead of relying on keywords, blinkx uses speech and pattern-recognition technology to catalog online video files and provide better search results. Both companies will share revenue generated from video search results.

“As Lycos continues our push into building community around high-quality video content, giving users access to a best in class video search experience is critical,” said Lycos CEO Alfred Tolle in a statement. “By teaming up with blinkx, we now offer our LYCOS visitors one of the top video search engines available on the Web today.”

Lycos has been gradually adding more features for broadband users, adding a whole new broadband platform in July with video and other forms of entertainment. Both Lycos and blinkx want to emulate the TV experience on the Web.


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