LinkWorth to Launch In-Text Ad Portal


SEM/SEO firm LinkWorth will launch a beta test of its new in-text advertising portal. In-text advertising replaces static keywords in a website with dynamic links to advertiser landing pages. LinkWorth is currently looking for volunteer beta testers in exchange for in-text credits. The service will operate on a PPC basis.

“Static text advertising will always be a form of marketing for on-line retailers,” said LinkWorth president Ron Wicker in a statement. “It is the most basic form of Internet advertising that exists, and it’s dated years before the current Internet advertising giants. Our customers have shown a strong interest in what we have always offered along with a more unique way to drive targeted users to their websites on a per performance basis. Our new in-text technology will do exactly what they want all from their existing account.”

LinkWorth’s software will match up advertisers and publishers and place contextually relevant in-text ads directly into the content of a page, something that’s not usually monetized. LinkWorth believes their contextual approach and advertiser-publisher matching system will help increase ad click-through rates. The official launch of the beta will occur later this month.



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