JupiterResearch Opens Social Marketing Lab


Capitalizing on the online social networking/user-generated phenomenon, Internet analysis firm JupiterResearch today launched its own social marketing research service. With the aid of best-practice analysis and consumer and executive surveys, JupiterResearch’s Social Marketing research aims to provide marketers and site owners with recommendations on how to profit from the use of consumer-generated content, blogs, podcasts, and other emerging media tools.

Social Marketing will also be added to JupiterResearch’s Marketing & Advertising suite of research products, which also includes Advertising & Branding, E-mail Marketing, Online Behavior & Demographics, Search Marketing, and SMB Marketing.

“Social media has grown exponentially in the past year,” said Emily Riley, a JupiterResearch analyst, in a statement. “This explosion has allowed advertisers to engage in an ever-changing dialogue with customers. In the near term, an increasing number of advertisers–over forty percent–are planning to use new online social marketing tactics such as viral, Weblog, and podcast advertising.”

Riley herself recently authored a report, “Viral Marketing: Budgeting Beyond Social Media”, which finds that nearly one in five marketers will use online viral marketing tactics in the next year, and over half of these marketers will be using these tactics for the first time.



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