Hyperbidder Opens Broadcast TV Division


Hyperbidder, an online service that lets bid on Web banner ad space, has announced the launch of its new TV Broadcast division. Hyperbidder’s online bidding system uses a proprietary ad auctioning system and tries to compete with other online ad vendors by offering better CPM’s. The company’s been planning for a while to expand its ad selling system to other mediums. “Our goals were to go ahead with the internet advertising first and then from there spread out to different channels,” states Hyperbidder founder Galip Talegon.

NBC/Universal has been using Hyperbidder to sell ad space on web pages for 10 local TV stations including San Francisco and New York. As Hyperbidder was working to expand its ad system, the site was approached by NBC to sell TV ads. “[NBC] liked our system so much that they just asked us if we could sell ads for them their TV spots as well as their TV and internet combo packages,” said Telagon.

Hyperbidder’s standard service lets online publishers post their banner and button properties on the Hyperbidder site. Advertisers then bid on campaigns to receive higher ad rotation percentages. The higher the bid, the greater percentage of impressions the advertiser receives.

“We’re about to send another press release out early next week saying that our first client is NBC and we’re selling it now,” says Telagon. But since NBC approached Hyperbidder before its bidding system was fully optimized for TV, Hyperbidder’s TV division will play the role of the agency for now.

“UPN Salt Lake City is probably also going to do this with us,” Telegon adds. “We’re also working on bringing this into our system and integrating it with our system where we’ll be selling it in a similar way.” TV ads will be sold in two packages: “Broadcast TV Ad Spot Only” will focus exclusively on selling broadcast spots, while “Broadcast TV and Internet Ads Combo,” will focus on bundling broadcast spots with ad space on related TV station web sites.


  1. Well, I am a media buyer. This seems like it will make our life easier when it comes to media buying. How is this system work exactly?

  2. I think from my understanding their system will work very similar to what they have with their online advertising system. However, what I really am curious to know is how the ads will be submitted through. Does anyone know, can someone tell us?

  3. “The company’s been planning for a while to expand its ad selling system to other mediums” Please get it right. The plual of “medium” is media. “Mediums” would be group of people thought to have the power to communicate with the spirits of the dead or with agents of another world or dimension. Also called psychics.
    John Maher
    U.S. International Media

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