Greystripe Launches Ad-Supported Downloadable Gaming Site


Mobile game advertising company Greystripe has launched GameJump, its new downloadable gaming service. Unlike most downloadable mobile games, GameJump games are free to download and play. Instead of customers paying for a game, each game features a full-screen branded “wrap” that surrounds the game and can let advertisers reach consumers during the gaming experience.

“We’ve shaken up the existing model for pay-to-play mobile games and introduced a way for everyone who owns a mobile phone to access and play games for free through our ad-supported network,” said Greystripe and GameJump CEO Michael Chang in a statement. “By taking a percentage of the advertising revenue, we can offer a wide collection of popular mobile games.”

GameJump’s game library is designed to help advertisers target a variety of demographics, and it includes more than 75 new and classic games ranging from casino and puzzle games like Sudoku, BlackJack, and Texas Hold’em to sports, adventure and shoot ’em-ups like Pirates Ahoy, Ghost Hunter RPG, High Octane World Rally, and Jan Michaelis Snowboarding. GameJump also offers games geared towards kids. Each game can be downloaded from the GameJump website, and the games are compatible with most wireless phones and carriers.


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