Google Pro Creates AdSense Game for Budding Entrepreneurs


Joel Comm, a Google AdSense expert who has published a book on the topic, has created a game designed to teach people how to make money online using the contextual ad program. As a co-founder of, now Yahoo Games, Comm used his affinity for computer games and looked towards numerous “tycoon” games currently on the market to inspire The AdSense Game.

In the AdSense Game, players start with a $500 budget and must make advertising choices related to their subject matter, marketing strategy, ad placement, color, and parameters to maximize site revenue. Throughout the course of a day, players watch how spending choices, block placements, and marketing strategies impact their cash flow. The viral game is not designed to be a completely accurate simulation, but it is intended to amuse and inspire budding entrepreneurs.

“I’ve been playing simulation and tycoon games since the original text-based game, Lemonade, where the player is challenged to manage the daily business of running a profitable lemonade stand,” said Comm in a statement. “With the proliferation of other tycoon-style games, I thought it would be interesting to simulate the AdSense experience in a sandbox environment that allows people to experiment with their online business free of real-life consequences.”



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