CBS Brings Primetime to Innertube


As a new fall TV season of TV gets underway next month, CBS is planning to make its primetime programming available online as well.

According to CNet News reports, shows like CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:NY, Jericho, NCIS, Numbers, and Survivor, will be posted on Innertube, the network’s ad-supported broadband channel, the morning following initial network broadcast. Roughly three commercials per episode will be streamed along with the program, though no major advertiser has taken any big position for the shows.

Larry Kramer, president of CBS Digital Media, said that the move will cater to the demands of an online audience while respecting the “first-run rights” of CBS affiliates. By keeping the shows available online for four weeks, with Jericho and Survivor available all season, Kramer felt that the DVD release and subscription models would not be threatened.

“Our belief all along is that all this is additive and doesn’t cannibalize the network television,” Kramer said. “We know there’s an audience out there that will watch it and not be turned away by the advertising.” He added that, according to research, most online viewing occurs right after the show airs, but a month’s worth of viewing will allow the network to determine if people will return after a longer time period.

Innertube, which launched in May, also features original series produced specifically for the Internet, including “In Turn,” “Animate This!,” and “House Calls,” along with entire episodes of “Big Brother: All-Stars.”



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