AdMob Mobile Ad Network Announces Quiet Success


AdMob, a mobile advertising marketplace that has been operating under the radar for almost eight months, has announced that its network now serves 250 million mobile page views per month. To celebrate the milestone, the company is offering free $20 advertising campaigns to new members of its network.

AdMob allows advertisers to run ads across a comprehensive set of mobile content channels, including communities, entertainment, news, and portals. It has recently added a contextual search channel, allowing advertisers to build campaigns that include mobile Web searches through Google’s mobile AdWords service.

“Since we launched the AdMob marketplace eight months ago, the growth has been fantastic. With this kind of volume, and with global coverage, mobile advertising is clearly open for business.” said CEO and Founder Omar Hamoui.

“Prior to AdMob, the only real business models in mobile were based upon subscription, hampering the adoption of a number of services which may have grown explosively if monetized via advertising,” Hamoui explained. “AdMob was founded with the goal of revolutionizing mobile through advertising. By enabling advertisers and publishers both small and large to use advertising as a viable business tool, we’re well on the way to achieving that goal.”

Hundreds of advertisers, including some of the top ten global brands, currently use the network. AdMob serves ads internationally, with traffic in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


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