Yahoo Trip Planner Out of Beta, Adds Maps, Flickr, and Blogs


Yahoo’s online travel resource guide, Trip Planner, is now available for public consumption. During Trip Planner’s 9-month beta period, users could plan their trips, selecting various sights, hotels, restaurants and other destinations. They could also make their trips public and view other people’s trips to create a sort of collective travel guide.

Trip Planner’s public release now sees the integration of Yahoo Maps, Flickr, and Yahoo 360 blogs. Users can see their trips plotted on a Yahoo Map, and can chronicle their journey by keeping a trip journal, illustrating it by dragging and dropping their Flickr photos.

“Just as other Yahoo! social search products like Flickr, Yahoo! Answers,, and MyWeb have created a platform for sharing information between users, Trip Planner is about offering a way for travelers to benefit from sharing their travel experiences,” said Jasper Malcolmson, Yahoo! Travel director in a statement.

The top trips are selected by the Yahoo community and plotted on a Yahoo map of the world. Yahoo users can get recommendations from Yahoo Travel Guide and have the option of printing out their trip guides to take with them. Trip Planner is also integrated into Yahoo Travel Guides and Yahoo FareChase, which helps travelers find the best rates for flights and hotels.


  1. This is the latest in what Travel 2.0 – the new age of online travel will offer, integration with social networking and customer participation. Hopefully it will also bring a shift in consumer attitude looking only for the cheapest price, rather than the best travel experience. It will be interesting to follow the response by the established online travel agencies to this new era of web enabled travel planning and purchasing.


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