Windows Live Goes Live in Asia


Microsoft has released a beta version of Windows Live Search and its companion domain,, in the Asia-Pacific market. The Asia-Pacific release is part of Microsoft’s initiative to introduce Live to 33 regions around the globe. Windows Live Search is integrated into the home page, and Microsoft plans to release other Windows Live services over the next year.

The customizable home page lets users create multiple pages, add photos, news, persistent searches, and RSS feeds. And just like its North American counterpart, Windows Live Search for Asia Pacific features tools like search preview and the endless scroll bar. Searches can be customized with search categories like RSS feeds, Image Search, MSN Shopping, and MSN Spaces. Microsoft plans to add local search capabilities in the next few months.

“Outside of email, Search is the most popular online activity in Asia. It’s become a ubiquitous part of the web and yet there is still huge potential in terms of what it can deliver for Asia’s netizens,” said MSN regional director Alex Stewart in a statement. “These services are core to our strategy and we believe that the innovations unveiled today deliver an outstanding level of power and simplicity to search.”


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