VISA Campaigns Says “Love Every Remix” with YourSpins Technology

651’s interactive music technology is now being utilized for a German VISA ad campaign that incorporates the music of Robbie Williams. The Saatchi & Saatchi campaign is part of VISA’s “Love Every Day” strategy, transforming it into the “Love Every Remix” promotion. In the Saatchi and Saatchi campaign, German fans visit and try their hand at remixing Williams’s track “Sin Sin Sin.” The remix can then be entered into a series of competitions with prizes awarded by VISA. Users also have the ability to use their remix to create a personal ringtone.

Harry Otto, project leader at Saatchi and Saatchi, noted the increasing emphasis on online activity in ad campaigns. In developing the project, he said in a statement that “VISA, as the Official Payment Partner of needs to appear as an authentic partner within the target group. So we wanted to feature something exclusive from the artist, and which is only available at the VISA/ promotional website.” Saatchi and Saatchi feels that YourSpins technology provides the target group with “something new and fun” that would also capture their attention.

Robbie Williams as well as VISA Europe also expressed excitement about the innovative campaign, as it allows interaction, creativity, and prize opportunities.

Rupert Evans, Marketing Director of, adds, “The whole of the YourSpins community is about entertaining people online. The fact SAATCHI & SAATCHI have used the technology directly in VISA’s campaign underlines the technology’s value as something which can, with the right music, grab and hold peoples attention.” He also notes that the site is “…also delighted to be able to offer Robbie Williams fans the ability to remix and personalise their ringtones,” which is a market first.


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