Viewpoint Preps for Holiday Ad Rush


Though the holiday season is still several months away, Viewpoint is alreading taking marketing initiative. In anticipation of increased ad sales during the busy shopping season, the online marketing company has launched Unicast InSeason Holiday, an ad package designed to help advertisers capitalize on the holiday rush. Unicast Holiday combines online and offline campaigns to help advertisers reduce advertising costs, and is designed to target holiday shoppers at multiple points in the online purchase and checkout process.

“Brand and direct response advertising have begun to converge on the web,” said Viewpoint VP Jason McKay in a statement. “This creates a challenge for marketers as they try to optimize their brand, expand their reach, and increase conversion on the Internet. These Holiday packages provide a full service solution which helps marketers leverage the web for both branding and sales during the critical Holiday selling season. What’s more, the Holiday package integrates seamlessly into their year round marketing plans.”

The new Holiday package is part of Viewpoint’s new Internet Marketing Technology product series that combines the Unicast Ad Platform with the Unicast Ad Platform and browser-based applications.


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