Verizon Has “Lost” It


This weekend at the Comic-Con convention in San Francisco, television producer Damon Lindelof stood up before more than 4,000 fans of the TV show Lost, and gave them a sneak preview of The Lost Diaries. Diaries will consist of 2-minute episodes, or mobisodes designed to be viewed on Verizon mobile phones. The mobisodes will follow the same characters as the TV show, and will run parallel to it. Each of the mobisodes will also appear online a week after running on Verizon. On television, season 3 of Lost will be broken up into two groups, and The Lost Diaries will keep fans of the show occupied during the break.

The Lost Diaries fits right in with the current show’s continuity. One of the characters from the show discovers a video camera and uses it to record what he sees. The mobisodes are not being produced by ABC, and will be created entirely by Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. And while they’re planning to produce 13 episodes, production has been rather slow. “It has been hard to get it off the ground,” said Lindelof at the conference, “because we don’t want them to be … lame.” The Lost Diaries will debut some time this fall.


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