MSN to Publish “Consumer in Control” Report


According to Brand Republic, MSN has compiled a report that explores the shift in power from the media to its consumers and the need for interactive advertising. “The Consumer in Control” findings, which will be available at the Microsoft Advertising site shortly, indicate that future advertising needs to be more engaging, interactive, and more relevant in order to succeed.

The report contains a foreword authored by Julian Smith, senior marketing and advertising analyst at Jupiter Media. It highlights the difficulty that brands have in attracting and persuading consumers, claiming that, “The days of relying on a 30-second TV ad spot to win hearts and minds are over.”

Chris Dobson, VP of international advertising sales for Microsoft online business group, explained that, “Advertisers must leverage the fragmentation of media and the explosion in digital devices to engage with consumers, as people worldwide continue to take control of their own media experiences.” Dobson feels that if advertisers create engaging content, high ROI for their brands will result, as will an enhanced online experience for consumers.

The report emphasizes that marketers must explore new methods of engagement and permission-based marketing, a task that Microsoft plans to undertake to transform campaigns into innovative and interactive online content.


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