Moe’s Cooks Up Burrito-Themed, User-Generated Campaign


With the promise of a “Free Burrito for Life,” Moe’s, the lauded Southwestern food chain boasting over 300 locations nationwide, is turning to its avid customer base to help initiate its new brand awareness campaign—coined a “Moe’s Burrito in Every Hand”.

The promotion’s landing page, which went live July 14th, is being powered by Sharkle, a user-created advertising platform owned and operated by ViTrue. With Moe’s sights set on the 18-34 demo, the chain implemented ViTrue’s tool to give the tech-savvy generation a chance to parlay their burrito obsessions and vivid imaginations into an award-winning presentation. The consumers will be asked to showcase how they are doing their part to put a Moe’s burrito in the hand of every woman, child and man across the nation.

“The idea basically with the campaign is [Moe’s] want to put as many videos of people filming where they’ve had an interesting experience with a Moe’s burrito as part of the occasion,” ViTrue CEO and former WebMD exec Reggie Bradford tells ADOTAS. “With the way the system works, the technology, people upload videos of that experience. The community then votes on the top 10, which is also based upon the most-watched videos. Prizes will be awarded, the grand prize being a burrito for life.”

Moe’s will employ viral, in-store, print and TV spots to drive people to the site, where they can find more information and gain inspiration to tell their own mouth-watering tales. With customers having the ability to share thoughts, comment and vote on ads, Moe’s has engendered a user-friendly community forum, which has been proven to be a powerful, up-and-coming force in online marketing. “If you think about it, this is where advertising is going in my opinion,” Bradford says. “If you’re passionate about Moe’s, winning a burrito for life is a pretty cool thing to win. That’s the incentive for the Moe’s fan.”

Free burritos might be better incentive for some than cash prizes, and it seems a rather appropriate gift from a quirky outfit like Moe’s—itself the flagship subsidiary of Raving Brands, which also operates PJ’s Coffee, Planet Smoothie and Mama Fu restaurants. For Bradford and ViTrue, an offline/online campaign like Moe’s, which will run through December, is a way to shed light on user-generated content and a more enticing offer than just a rich media banner buy.

“Selfishly for us, [when I was at WebMD], we very much attracted to traditional offline brands,” Bradford remembers. “We’re on bags of CVS in their stores, Enfamil cans, and Post cereal boxes. A similar philosophy applies here. You need the offline, where people are shopping, eating or where Joe Six-Pack consumer is spending their time.” Considering how prevalent offline strategies were in his previous line of work, it’s understandable that Bradford believes current online technologies still have plenty of potential to fulfill. “It’s still very nascent in the online video space, despite the tremendous growth,” he says. “I look at that as an opportunity to bring in an entirely new audience that’s not participating today in user-generated video.”

For the chance to satisfy cravings and indulge in free burritos forever, I can only assume a plethora of Spielberg wannabes and YouTube devotees will enter the fray.

Want to be in the free burrito biz? Turn the camera, roll film and share your talents at


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