MerchantCircle Joins Forces with Quigo


MerchantCircle, an online network that provides advertising tools to enable local businesses to market themselves on the Local Internet, has entered into a partnership with Quigo.

Quigo provides performance-based advertising solutions to websites and advertisers, and has an AdSonar network that includes premium-branded national websites like eDiets, Fox News, Lonely Planet, and Martha Stewart. AdSonar has content-targeted links distributed on more than 100 local, regional, and national newspaper, TV, and radio sites.

Through the partnership, MerchantCircle member merchants can advertise on local content pages within AdSonar. Ben T. Smith, chairman and co-founder of MerchantCircle, believes that the new advertising opportunities offered by the partnership will help drive local traffic and sales to participating businesses beyond major search engine capabilities.

Henry Vogel, Chief Revenue Officer for Quigo, says that merchants will be able to do so because “MerchantCircle advertisers can now target by many topics or choose placements in content sections that are most relevant to their local products and services.”

He adds, “A great many of our distribution partners are local media brands that attract loyal visitors from their immediate geographic trade areas. This presents a highly efficient way for MerchantCircle’s merchants to create an enhanced presence in their local markets, or try attracting customers from elsewhere around the nation.”


  1. Thanks for the comments our our recent new partners.

    As our tests have been showing there are alot of exciting local advertising opportunites for Local merchants on the Local Internet and through other technology enabled Local Advertising networks.

    Along with the other inventory that we have already been working with like Yahoo, Google, etc. we see Jingle and Quigo as being very exciting for local businesses.

    As our merchant base has continued to grow, we are building more interesting advertising opportunities for them.


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