LookSmart Unveils AdCenter for Publishers


LookSmart has released a new version of AdCenter for Publishers to enable publishers to maintain and grow small and large advertiser relationships. The original AdCenter provides hosted advertising sales and a service platform for search engines, media companies, social networking sites, retail sites, and directories.

The new platform for publishers is intended to solve the issue of selling to advertisers that are too small to justify human sales or service from a cost of sales perspective. AdCenter for Publishers allows for the daily capping and pacing of campaigns, a new user interface, page design to promote brand value for the publisher, and a data warehouse that produces reports for both publishers and advertisers. It also features the open API to allow advertisers or an agency to better interface with the system.

LookSmart’s Senior VP of Sales and Operations, Bryan Everett, said in a statement, “The next iteration of ad sales in this high growth medium will be publishers wanting to own and control all size of advertiser customers, so they can sell them additional products and maximize pricing.” He also explained that LookSmart has developed reports and management capabilities that can be configured for any publisher’s situation. “Publishers pay a small revenue share to LookSmart and then control their own destiny with all sizes of advertiser,” Everett continues. “This open attitude is something we’ve been working toward over the past year.”

In conjunction with the release of the new white-label technology, several additional publishers have licensed with AdCenter. Active Athlete Media, Frazoo, Krugle.com, Mainstream Advertising, and Reed Business Information are among those publishers partnering with LookSmart to increase online advertiser base and corresponding revenue.


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