Klipmart, 65Media Team for Universal Pictures Campaign


Klipmart announced today that it has teamed up with interactive marketing agency 65media to produce interactive video ad units to promote Universal Pictures’ July 14th release of the comedy You, Me and Dupree, starring Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas.

According to the release, the main draw of the ad units are a series of short, original videos captured during a green screen shoot with Owen Wilson in character as Randolph Dupree. By mousing over to expand the banner ad to full dimension, users can watch video and listen to Dupree’s own wisdom on living and loving, as well as gain access to features such as wallpapers, AIM buddy icons, videos and more.

“The goal of the creative for You, Me and Dupree was to provide an online-specific way to engage users and communicate the spirit of the movie,” says Mark Wilson, Klipmart’s VP of Sales for the Southeast, in a statement. “Our research shows that users prefer interactive elements in online ads, and the original content of these videos offers the added bonus of presenting footage they haven’t seen anywhere else.”

The video ads are an extension of a larger viral component developed by 65media called “Wisdom of Dupree.” This viral feature gives fans the chance to interact with Dupree himself, by asking him various questions and getting his video responses. Visitors to http://www.youmeanddupree.com are also able to partake in the “Tour Dupree” bike racing game, which contains a special cameo appearance by Lance Armstrong.

The interactive video ad units will run through mid-July on AOL, Yahoo, MTV.com, and TheOnion.com among other sites.


  1. […] Yesterday we reported that Klipmart had teamed up with 65Media to promote Universal Pictures’ upcoming movie You, Me and Dupree. It seems Universal is also running a parallel campaign using Rovion’s InPerson video software. Just like the Klipmart ads, the Rovion ads feature Owen Wilson as Dupree spouting words of simple wisdom about relationships, careers, and life. The Rovion campaign will also run on MTV.com, VH1.com, TheOnion.com and WWE.com until the film’s opening on July 14th. […]


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