JWire Opens Wi-Fi Hotspot Ad Network


JiWire, a company that keeps a directory Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, has announced the release of its new Wi-Fi hotspot advertising service. Through a series of partnerships with various hotspot networks, JiWire plans to serve advertising on Wi-Fi hotspot login pages.

Usually, when a person first connects to a public Wi-Fi network and fires up their web browser, they’re presented with a login page containing Terms of Service information. Paid hotspots also display a payment information and registration page. JiWire’s ad unit will wrap around the top and left-hand side of the page.

JiWire’s network currently has 9 Wi-Fi network members, managing several thousand hotspots. Wi-Fi hotspots are intrinsically local, so the network will offer geo targeting on regional, municipal, and per-hotspot level. The system will also let advertisers target by type of location, and it can distinguish between hotels, airports, cafes, and convention centers as well. Premiere advertisers on the network are Toshiba and Sony.

“JiWire has been connecting advertisers with Wi-Fi users seeking hotspots for more than three years, putting us in a unique position to extend our advertising platform into the broader Wi-Fi community,” said JiWire CEO Kevin McKenzie in a statement. “The JiWire Hotspot Advertising Network improves on our previous offering by connecting advertisers to Wi-Fi users at the time and place of their connection to the Internet, enabling more creative, more targeted and more successful advertising campaigns.”


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