Instant Media Offers Promoters Affiliate Marketing Program


Internet TV company Instant Media has launched an Affiliate Marketing Program as a way to reward website publishers that promote its software and content. When videocasters, paid search marketers, SEO specialists, content sites, and others join the pay-per-performance affiliate marketing program, they can earn revenue whenever they promote Instant Media software or any of its media channels.

Joe Raffetto, I’M’s affiliate marketing manager, said that, “This program is designed to provide our affiliate partners with as much commission as possible, providing a ‘win-win’ scenario for I’M and our affiliate partners.” Raffetto feels that the new program will drive sales to both I’M and partner sites, as previous models have proven.

Since there is no cost to join the affiliate program, I’M hopes it will create low-risk with a high-reward return. It includes Instant Media content data feeds, a wide range of creatives, targeted text links, and extra information that is vital to affiliates to make revenue via I’M promotions. The program also includes real-time tracking for its partners.



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