History Channel Content Makes Appearance on Blinkx


Audio/video search engine Blinkx has signed a deal with A&E’s History Channel UK to allow users to access historical audio and video clips online. Clips include recordings of speeches by historical figures like Roosevelt, JFK, Einstein, and Neil Armstrong. “The History Channel UK offers some of the best historical content on the Web and we are happy to make it easily accessible through blinkx.tv,” said Blinkx co-founder Suranga Chandratillake in a statement. Blinkx will also be able to access the History Channel UK’s video pick of the week.

Blinkx already served up more than 4 million hours of content, culled from all over the internet. It uses speech recognition technology to index and search multimedia content. blinkx has also been gradually signing partnerships with mainstream content providers like HBO and MTV, as well as user-generated video providers like YouTube and Google Video. Last week, Blinkx also unveiled the Garage Video Channel to give users quicker access to user-generated content, and a Movie Mode, where users can play videos found on Blinkx in full-screen.


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