Funcom’s Anarchy Online Integrates Interactive Advertising


In-game advertising has gone interactive. Funcom and Massive Incorporated have introduced new ad technology to “Anarchy Online,” allowing players to interact with dynamic billboards featured within the game. Toyota has been the first to sign on to the new advertising tool to promote the Toyota Yaris.

Players of Funcom’s free “Anarchy Online” version can walk up to in-game billboards and interact with them, thus revealing a sleek, new Yaris. Massive Inc. believes that this in-game ad technology will make for a more memorable advertising experience, as well as provide for a way to target the “elusive male 18-34 range.”

Massive Incorporated CEO Mitch Davis said that, “This is just the beginning of interactive ads in games, and we are very pleased to unveil this new technology together with Funcom and Toyota.” He emphasized that the company does not intend to distract from the game experience, especially since Massive “always has the best interest of the gamers and the game experience in mind.”

Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas has chosen to use Massive’s technology because, as he stated, “In Funcom we are always trying to push the envelope in innovation and technology.” He continues, “Our primary goal is always to deliver the best possible entertainment, but to offset the high development costs in today’s gaming landscape, we need to look at additional forms of income. What Massive is offering us is exactly that, and we are therefore very pleased to continue working with them to introduce new technologies that give us a competitive edge.”

Massive Inc. has pioneered in-game ad technology and was recently purchased by Microsoft, while Anarchy Online has utilized in-game advertising since 2005, introducing dynamic advertising billboards with video and sound.



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