FLM Debuting Ad-Supported Mobile Series


Fun Little Movies (FLM), a mobile comedy video channel will release “The Pool,” a new mobile video series on August 9th. “The Pool,” as in “The Carpool,” is sponsored by Toyota and features the funny adventures of carpooling in a 2007 Camry. The show is the brain child of LA-based mobile advertising consultancy Nanmade. “The Pool” director Malcolm Lee also directed the movie “Roll Bounce” and episodes of the TV series Everybody Hates Chris.

“We hope mobile users viewing ‘The Pool’ will get big laughs on their small screens. We know Toyota will get big results,” said FLM president Frank Chindamo in a statement. FLM is currently running TV ads promoting the show on major networks like Fox, BET and ABC. The series will be available on mobile platforms like Sprint Powervision and MSN’s SmartVideo for Windows Mobile-powered phones. The show will also be available to watch on the Xbox 360.

FLM specializes in mobile comedy video. Its shows have been featured on networks like HBO, MTV, Comedy Central, CBS, and Fox. The channel has won several awards, including one for Best Live Action Short Film at Cannes.


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