Facebook Giving Away Free Music on iTunes


Number two online social network Facebook is promoting its service with a back-to-school music giveaway on Apple’s iTunes. Facebook will give away one million, 25-song music samplers each week for 10 weeks. Each sampler contains songs from different genres like hip-hop, rock, and electronica. Unlike #1 social network, MySpace, Facebook is geared almost entirely to students, even requiring a student ID to become a member. Members come from more than 2,300 universities and 22,000 high schools.

“iTunes is the most popular digital music service in the world and we are excited to offer this exclusive giveaway of 10 million music samplers from iTunes,” said Facebook COO Owen Van Natta in a statement, “We’re always striving to provide people with the things they care most about, and with over half a million bands listed on Facebook we know that listening to and downloading music is an integral part of our users’ lives.”

Banner ads on Facebook will direct users to an Apple-sponsored Facebook group where they can get a unique promo code. 1 million promo codes are selected randomly each week by Facebook to receive the free downloads. This isn’t the first time Apple and Facebook have worked together. Educational discounts on Apple products are available to Facebook users. Facebook will promote the iTunes giveaway exclusively within its network.



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