DoubleClick Releases New Tag Bidding Tool


Digital advertising firm DoubleClick today announced the release of Spotlight Tag Bidding, a new component of the company’s DART Search which they hope will advance paid search optimization and management. This new solution enables advertisers and marketers to manage bid strategies across multiple product offerings at the category level, which DoubleClick boasts will increase paid search marketing profitability.

With Spotlight Tag Bidding, DoubleClick hopes to optimize ROI in paid search campaigns, by allowing multi-product vendors, including those in travel, retail and financial services, to optimize search marketing by tracking category and even individual product profit margins. This in turn replaces tracking bid strategies at the generic keyword level.

“Spotlight Tag Bidding provides our search marketing clients a much clearer perspective into which of their products are converting to profit based on paid searches. By indicating which products are performing, clients are able to more accurately — and profitably — optimize keywords and bids, and manage their overall online marketing campaign,” said Dave Fall, VP of Search Marketing Product Management at DoubleClick, in a statement. “This approach to bid management is unique to DART Search, and allows clients to fully take advantage of the power of search marketing.”


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