Dell Launches Corporate Blog, Receives Backlash


There are few things that computer maker Dell gets harped on by bloggers more than its customer service. In order to connect more with its customers, Dell has created a corporate blogging site that promises to crack the company open and let customers see what Dell employees are up to. The site, called one2one: Direct Conversations with Dell, was inspired by other corporate blogs like GM’s FastLane blog, the Official Google Blog, and Microsoft’s Channel 9 video site. Dell has already posted a few Channel 9-like video interviews with Dell support personnel.

Upon launch, the site immediately caught flack from the blogosphere late last week for its PR-like posts. Well-known Dell critic Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine wrote that “this is as much a conversation as yelling at a brick wall.” Other bloggers like Robert Scoble of Scobelizer recognized Dell’s unfamiliarity with the blogging space and offered some constructive criticism.

Dell followed up critics earlier this week with a post from Lionel Menchaca, Dell’s Digital Media Manager, which addressed the thoughts of other bloggers and thanked Jeff for his comments. As corporate blogs go, one2one is still green. Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion called the blog’s launch a missed opportunity. But he also added a word of encouragement, “Cmon Dell. We know you’re bigger than this. Join us. Be real. Walk the talk.”



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