Coke Gets Viral in Europe


Coca-Cola has released a series of Bottle Films virals that will launch globally today. The virals are part of the “Coke Side of Life” campaign and are intended to extend the platform beyond traditional advertising. Each installment tells a story through highly contemporary art and design and integrates cutting edge new bands and music to soundtrack the films and re-enforce Coke as a relevant brand to teens.

“Inspiration,” the latest viral, depicts a character poised to paint a blank wall, but is at a loss in deciding what to paint. He takes a drink of Coke, which refreshes his taste buds and imagination, and viewers witness the wacky thought process that culminates in the artist painting a psychedelic Coke bottle on the wall. Happy with his work, he leaves the room and the “Coke Side of Life” message appears on the screen. The 30-second “Inspiration” in the Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam campaign is soundtracked by King Creosote’s song “Bootprints.”



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