ClickTracks Reports 60% Growth


Web analytics company ClickTracks reports that its revenue has grown 60% this quarter over last year, marking a 19.5% growth over the first quarter. Still, its revenue growth has actually slowed over last year. In 2005, ClickTracks saw a 97% growth in annual revenue.

ClickTracks attributes its current revenue surge to an increased awareness of click fraud. More advertisers are tracking their campaigns to look out for the fraudulent clicks that could be costing them money. “There’s been some great technology out there that tries to identify the click fraud perpetrator, but our approach is to identify campaigns that generate worthless clicks and keep the marketer focused on marketing,” said ClickTracks CEO John Marshall in a statement.

ClickTracks has also taken on more users who formerly traded private customer data to other measurement services in exchange for free analytics. “Users are starting to realize that use of web analytics from an advertising service provider is no different than invoking spyware on site visitors,” said Marshall. ClickTracks lets its users track customer-website interactions, as well as customer responses to marketing campaigns


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