British Auto Association Relaunches Site With AKQA Campaign


RAC, a Britain-based cross between AAA and an insurance company, has partnered with interactive agency AKQA and re-launched its site. The company has also supplemented the re-launch with an online campaign promoting automobile safety and the RAC’s motoring know-how.

The re-designed site features better site navigation and improved online services while the campaign is running ads on portals like MSN, Tiscali and Yahoo as well as on sites like Autotrader and National Rail. “The new site provides a well designed and easy to use experience that taps into the wealth of motoring knowledge and expertise built up by the RAC,” said Jonathon Brown, RAC’s head of digital marketing in a statement.

An interactive banner ad on Tiscali, and Italy-based portal, lets users see traffic information for their region of the UK updated in real time. The RAC is also running World Cup Route Planner ads on its own site to help soccer fans find the best routes across Europe. “Working with AKQA we have delivered the first phase of our journey, and we look forward to a partnership that will continue to provide unique content and services for the benefit of our customers,” adds Brown. AKQA will also be helping RAC with retain customers and develop mobile content.



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