WebSideStory: Top 4% Keywords Make Up 50% of all Searches


According to a study released today by the marketing analytics company WebSideStory, the about half of all search queries are comprised of only the top 4% of all unique search queries on a given web site. For ecommerce sites, the numbers are even lower, with the majority of searches containing only the top 2% of all unique search terms.

The study was conducted just this past April by the Patricia Seybold Group for WebSideStory, and looked at more than 34 million queries across more than 40 different websites which use WebSideStory’s Search or its HBX Analytics software.

The report advises online marketers to look beyond on-site navigation, or PPC marketing on major search engines and to focus some attention on a site’s search box: focus on the to 4% of keywords, emphasize your more popular content, bury your least popular content, and link promotions and special offers to search queries.

“As our many customers know, site search is much more than a search box on your web site — it’s a highly strategic business application that can drive significant improvements in conversions, sales and customer retention rates,” said WebSideStory Search & Content Solutions SVP Steve Kusmer in a statement. The study, entitled “The Other Search,” is available for free on WebSideStory.com.


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