WebSideStory Brings Marketing Suite Across Pond


WebSideStory, provider of on-demand digital marketing and real-time enterprise analytics solutions, announced yesterday the launch of its Active Marketing Suite in Europe. The suite, which integrates on-demand digital marketing applications, including Web analytics, site search, keyword bid management and Web content management, was launched in the U.S. last year.

Guardian Newspapers Ltd., which uses WebSideStory’s Web analytics solution, HBX Analytics, noted: “WebSideStory gives us the ability to track activity on our Web site in real time, as well as deliver comprehensive analysis and reporting,” said Nik Silver, development manager at Guardian Unlimited in a statement. “This helps us to keep learning about our target audience and improve their experience. It is important for us to keep looking at the new applications that WebSideStory produces because there are always areas we can innovate, both for us and for our community.”

According to WebSideStory, there are currently more than 1,300 enterprise customers worldwide using one or more components of the Active Marketing Suite.


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