Vizi|Media Sells Sponsorships for Care2


Media representation company Vizi|Media, formerly known as ICON Advertising Solutions, has signed an exclusive advertising representation agreement this past Thursday with, an online community website dedicated to bringing environmentally and socially responsible non-profits, businesses, and individuals together. Vizi|Media will sell sponsorships on Care2’s website, which reaches an audience that’s 80% female with a household income over $75k, one of the most difficult demographics to reach online. Care2 has more than 5 million members, and it’s currently the third most-popular destination on the internet for the female demographic after Yahoo! Health and iVillage.

“The opportunity to exclusively sign Care2 onto our already robust roster of premium branded publishers is absolutely phenomenal. It helps reach a very very key strategic audience and grows our female vertical ten fold,” says Vizi|Media president Andrew Moskowitz.

Current sponsors of Care2 include Ford, Google, MBNA, and other major brands. Vizi|Media hopes that the addition of Care2 to its roster will not only add a major Web site that gets anywhere between 60 and 80 million impressions per month, but also opens up relationships with more major brand advertisers.


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