Vibrant Media Launches IntelliTXT Video


Vibrant Media, creator of the green, double-underlined IntelliTXT in-text advertising tool, announced today the launch of IntelliTXT VIDEO, which delivers rich media creative within an in-text ad unit. This new service brings the targeting and measurability of IntelliTXT and merges it with the awareness and branding capabilities of video advertising.

IntelliTXT VIDEO ads improve on Vibrant’s existing service, which offers user-initiated text ads that appeared in a small window when the user demonstrated interest by mousing-over a double-underlined word or phrase. Only now, IntelliTXT VIDEO ads offer advertisers the ability to include video with audio, Flash, or static images such as logos.

“Advertisers recognize the potential for video advertising on the Internet, but delivering video through banners, interstitials and pre-roll has only added to the noise of the Web,” said Doug Stevenson, co-founder and CEO of Vibrant Media, in a press statement. “IntelliTXT VIDEO is the only rich media-enabled medium that lets users decide which topics they’d like to view advertisements on. This provides immense value to advertisers looking to engage a highly targeted audience with their most effective creative for branding and awareness.”

According to 2006 comScore stats, IntelliTXT VIDEO campaigns give advertisers access to 65 million unique users worldwide

Vibrant Media is currently running IntelliTXT campaigns across more than 1,000 publishers worldwide, and has expanded its global presence to deliver IntelliTXT in seven languages. The company analyzes 500 billion words and manages four billion words each month for top advertisers including Microsoft, Sony, Nike, Intel and Warner Brothers.


  1. I find this new form of IntelliTXT advertising extremely annoying and have launched a full scale effort against it, including a link to the sources e-mail contact so that my readers can easily express their frustrations as well.


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