UAE Welcomes Bluetooth Marketing


The United Arab Emirates have showcased the region’s first Bluetooth marketing service with Location Based Marketing. LBM is a new marketing channel that uses Bluetooth-enabled mobile communications for personal one-to-one marketing and advertising purposes. Because Bluetooth marketing is free and ten times faster than General Packet Radio Service, which allows non-voice data to be sent and received across GSM and TDMA communications networks, it enables exceptional quality video and audio content to be delivered instantly.

“The missing ingredient to Outdoor Advertising has always been a Call to Action,” said Andrew Lord, Marketing Director of Assertiv eMedia, the company behind the launch. “A recent Nike campaign showed how Bluetooth can complement Billboards through sending extended TV adverts, brochures and local shop addresses to those interested in the advert.”

Proximity Marketing like LBM has been shown to increase sales, especially when used in conjunction with other advertising media, such as online, radio, TV or print. Campaigns are tailored to offers at specific locations, from shopping malls and stadiums, to hotels, airports, and restaurants.


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