TV Guide SPOT Searching for Fan-Created Content


TV Guide SPOT, TV Guide’s online video-on-demand network, is looking for some good user-generated content. The network is asking TV fans to submit 1-5 minute-long video clips about their favorite TV shows. It’s part of a new campaign called “TV Guide SPOTTERS” to publicize the SPOT network. Clips judged the best by TV Guide SPOT will appear on the network.

“Some of the most entertaining video content available today is created by everyday people, and with the launch of TV Guide SPOTTERS, we are giving fans an opportunity to showcase their best creativity to TV Guide SPOT’s 20 million on demand subscribers,” said Dmitri Ponomarev, TV Guide SPOT’s VP of on-demand in a statement. “TV Guide Spotters is a unique way for fans to share with other viewers their passion for their favorite TV shows, personalities and memorable moments.”

TV Guide SPOT currently has more than 20 million subscribers and contains clips and interviews from various TV shows, as well as music videos, video guides to recent movies, and content from their TV Guide Channel. It also allows cable subscribers to preview what TV Guide calls the “best of television.”



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