Times Online/ROO Launch Online TV, Video Service


ROO Group Inc. a global provider of online video broadcasting solutions, along with Times Online has announced the launch of a new online TV and video service.

The six figure deal will at launch be sponsored exclusively by Cisco Systems; Cisco branding will be seen throughout the Times Online TV pages as well as TV ads regularly between video items.

The video service, which is powered by ROO, will offer Times Online users access to business, news, and entertainment among other features from the likes of Reuters.

“Video online is a crucial part of the new multi-media world and we hope this groundbreaking service will allow our users to join with us in experimenting in this area and that they will tell us what they enjoy and want more of,” said Peter Bale, online editorial director of Times Online in a statement. “ROO offers a high-quality experience which has been customized for Times Online and will allow users with a variety of connection speeds, not just broadband, to enjoy video and TV services within the familiar environment of Times Online.”


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