Right Media Launches Open Media Exchange


Right Media today announced the launch of the Right Media Exchange, the world’s first open media exchange for the interactive advertising industry. The new exchange offers an alternative to the closed ad network approach to buying and selling media, a system that discourages the transparency, competition, and community that are vital to the industry’s growth.

In the Right Media Exchange, every ad is auctioned in real-time to the highest bidder, and every participant is given equal access to media, thus fostering competition to drive more value for both sides of the transaction. Networks, advertisers, and publishers can all maximize performance, results, and revenue, while technology providers can market and distribute technology solutions to a broad community of users.

“An open marketplace is a better place to do business,” explained Michael Walrath, CEO of Right Media. “Buyers, sellers and service providers of any size connect to each other easily, access more media and trade at fair market value. It creates a new standard for efficiency.” Walrath emphasizes that Right Media does not intend to dictate how media should be bought and sold, but rather it wants to provide an environment that fosters better choices and opportunities for growth and value.

More than 11,000 ad networks, advertisers, and publishers are already interacting through the Right Media Exchange, trading more than two billion impressions on a daily basis. CPX interactive, one of the thousands of ad networks on the exchange, has seen its impression volume triple and its revenue double in only six months of participation, according to its CEO Mike Seiman.



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