Nielsen Makes Plans to Track Online, Mobile TV Viewing


Reuters reports that due to the increasing amount of television viewing outside of the normal in-house setting, Nielsen/NetRatings will soon track eyeballs for online and mobile TV, as well as in restaurants and bars.

The move, in turn, could create some serious impact on ad spending and revenues. The new Nielsen endeavor, entitled Anywhere Media Measurement (A2/M2) will be unfurled over the next couple of years, while testing will actually begin this summer.

In a statement, Nielsen Media Research CEO Susan Whiting said, “A2/M2 is the result of extensive consultation with clients, who told us clearly that we should ‘follow the video’ and deliver integrated measurement of all television-like content regardless of (the delivery) platform.”

According to Reuters, key elements of A2/M2 include a continued focus on providing accurate measurement of in-home television viewing through Active/Passive (A/P) metering technology, measurement of online streaming video and the addition of internet measurement in Nielsen’s People Meter samples, out-home measurement samples, local electronic measurement (to be unveiled by 2011), and the creation of new research for measuring viewer “engagement” with TV programming.


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