Macrovision Forms Ad Partnership with Double Fusion


The Trymedia Games division of Macrovision Corporation today announced a partnership with in-game advertising provider Double Fusion. With the union comes the launch a new in-game advertising offering via the Trymedia Network of online portals, ISPs and ecommerce sites.

The new offering will deliver around-game ads, a subset of the in-game advertising category, and feature rich media and video pre-roll ads that a consumer views at the start of game play. As part of a Try-and-Buy downloadable game, the new offering also enables advertisers to effectively sponsor the game trial period.

Trymedia’s catalog contains a large selection of both core and casual games, so the company is able to offer access to both the 18-34 year-old male core audience as well as the older and more predominantly female players of puzzle and other intuitive mainstream games.

With Double Fusion’s invovlement, Macrovision is providing the ad-enabling technology as a feature of its ActiveMARK product for digital distribution, as well an established catalog of PC game content and a network of distribution points. Double Fusion will also be an exclusive sales agent for the in-game ads through the Trymedia Network.

“Games-related advertising is rapidly becoming a must-have for a lot of big brand consumer ad campaigns,” said Jon Epstein, CEO of Double Fusion, in a press statement. “The Trymedia ad solution will enable advertisers to launch campaigns within hours of placing an ad order and specifically target that elusive mainstream gamer demographic. It’s a real step forward in reaching the highly attractive games audience.”

Trials for Macrovision’s in-game advertising solution are already running on the Trymedia Network and Double Fusion is beginning to sell ad space immediately.


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