London Times Installs Video Features Online


News Corp-owned, London-based Times Online has teamed with online video network Roo to add video news, entertainment, and other content to its site’s TV section.

According to ClickZ, Times Online TV will be sponsored exclusively by Cisco Systems in a “six-figure deal”, which will now attach Cisco branding to the Times’ video player and surrounding TV pages. There will also be :15 and :30 Cisco TV ads inserted in-stream between video clips. The Times Online sales team will handle ad sales.

“Our partnership with Cisco on Times Online TV is important for two reasons,” Ian Clark, advertising director for Times Newspapers Ltd., said in a statement. “Firstly it demonstrates technology innovation in action, and that works well for Cisco as well as for us. Secondly, it’s a strong partnership that shows how we can create advertising environments that work hard for the advertiser, and genuinely cater for audience demand.”

Times Online readers can now peruse video content from Roo’s library of licensed and original video clips, including news bulletins, fashion and entertainment videos and bizarre stories the world over. Content partners in Roo’s network include AP and Reuters. Original content from Times Online and its partners is expected be added to the service eventually.


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