Laszlo, Goodmail Give ISP’s CertifiedEmail


CertifiedEmail developer Goodmail Systems and Laszlo Systems, developers of the open source AJAX delivery system OpenLaszlo, have teamed up to provide ISP’s with a secure, web-based email system. ISP’s who license the new Laszlo Mail system can provide their customers with web-based email that will recognize Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail messages.

Email publishers can pay a fraction of a cent per email to use CertifiedEmail to bypass spam filters, without fear of being blocked. Email newsletter recipients can be protected from fraud and phishing schemes because CertifiedEmail messages are accredited by Goodmail.

“The Laszlo Mail application module will recognize incoming CertifiedEmail messages and display them with the unique trust icon that tells consumers messages are safe to read and act upon while allowing mail providers to safely enable links and images automatically for accredited senders,” said Ken Hirschman, Goodmail’s VP of business development in a statement. “By deploying Laszlo Mail with CertifiedEmail capability, mail providers will be able to give their customers all the rich client email functionality they expect in a system that also provides a measure of security against fraud and phishing.”

CertifiedEmail messages carry an encrypted token that a program on the recipient’s end can read and verify the message came from the right place and that its contents have not been altered. Earlier this year, AOL and Yahoo both announced they would be supporting CertifiedEmail. CertifiedEmail and similar systems have been met with some controversy, since email publishers would pay money to send messages, which up to this point have been entirely free.


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