Jumpstart Automotive Announces Exclusive Partnership with ValueClick


Jumpstart Automotive Media has announced exclusive representation of all of ValueClick Media’s online display advertising and lead generation inventory to the automotive industry. Serving online advertisements to in-market consumers during their Web browsing experience is vital, as studies have shown that those looking to purchase a vehicle spend less than five percent of their time conducting automotive research.

Using advanced behavioral targeting techniques, consumers visiting a Jumpstart in-market automotive site or an automotive marketer’s specific site can be “re-targeted” when they appear on one of ValueClick Media’s 13,500 sites. Jumpstart CEO Mitch Lowe explained that, “Auto marketers today have a huge appetite for both behaviorally and contextually targeted ads that introduce or promote features of their major brands and help get buyers into dealerships.” This fact is becoming widely evident as automotive Internet advertising is expected to constitute 15 percent of all US online advertising by 2007.

“The ValueClick Media relationship extends the reach Jumpstart offers to automotive marketers. Moreover, ValueClick Media brings a level of expertise and technology, such as user re-targeting and lead generation that drives immense value to our advertisers,” Lowe said.

David A. Yovanno, GM of ValueClick, added, “This agreement represents the integration of one of the best ‘vertical’ ad networks with one of the most established ‘horizontal’ ad networks.”


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