Ingenio Inks Partnership with Local Matters


Pay Per Call advertising provider Ingenio announced today a partnership with Local Matters, Inc., provider of software and media services that enable Yellow Pages publishers and 411 service providers to expand their traditional service offerings, to integrate Pay Per Call listings on Local Matters’ network of websites.

The companies hope this move will assist in the convergence of voice and wireless and the Internet. Through the deal, Ingenio plans to gather more local leads from Local Matters.

“Ingenio Pay Per Call is a strong addition to our platform,” said Jeannette McClennan, chief marketing officer and executive vice president, media division, Local Matters said in a statement. “We think the Pay Per Call service Ingenio offers fits well with our efforts to deliver improved local content and search services to create a better consumer experience while providing additional revenue opportunities for local advertisers.”


  1. This is a formal complaint against INGENIO per call listing for charging and/or overcharging me for the July, August and September of 2006 for calls that were calls fraud, calls through fraud, fraudulent calls, calls spam, invalid calls, unwanted calls, unqualified calls, improper calls, faxes calls, wrong numbers, non-converting calls, inadequately converting calls, calls that were not reasonably expected by me or otherwise I should not have been charged, and improperly collecting revenue by charging and/or overcharging us for these calls where users did not actively choose my listings or are not real customers.-

    After we have audited the account, below is a list of the bogus numbers which you’ve charged almost $300 worth of calls.

    We had asked them to investigate this matter, instead he became defensives an denied receive my complaint of talk with the Manager, which clearly proved me that your are involved or aware of such fraudulent transactions. – I file a complaint the BBB bureau and others, and I will also report this incident to AOL, Yahoo, your competitors, local & federal agency. Again, all we are asking as a customer is to investigate these bogus calls and provide a credit.-


    Serge Pamphile Jr.


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