Answers Local Search Wishes


Canadian-based, a subsidiary of IT Interactive Services Inc. today launched a local search engine – – for its flagship search service. The new engine aims to help users pinpoint specific information about a U.S.-based locale to find the type of business establishment or attraction they are seeking.

“We are excited to add local-search capabilities to our already proven core search service,” said Barbara Manning, CEO of IT Interactive Services, Inc, in a statement. “With the addition of local search capabilities, our users now have the option of searching the entire web or targeting a specific geographic area with their searches.” Local will employ patent-pending ranking technology focused on evolving artificial intelligence. The engine uses local business-information listings, in concert with web results, on hybrid landing pages, effectively lettings users quickly target locations on a map and view addresses, phone numbers, reviews, references, and related websites–all sortable with one click.

For example, visitors to an unfamiliar city can use Local to get acquainted with the area around their hotel with the Neighborhood Look-Up feature. They can then spot businesses by category and distance in over 300 categories including Shopping, Food & Dining, Professional Services, Travel & Tourism, Finance, Real Estate and more. They can also view results by business density to see where the greatest concentration of a particular type of establishment lies.

With a neighborhood-based approach, Local allows users to sort search results alphabetically by street name or business name, then hone in on related information.


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