Former MTV Exec Launches MySpace-Style Music Site


Reuters reports that a test version of a new niche social networking site coined launched today, with the aim of uniting music fans with similar tastes—a “MySpace for music junkies” they’re calling it.

The free site, which was started up by former MTV marketing executive David Hyman with $1.4 million from private investors, requires users to download its application, MOG-O-MATIC.

The application then catalogs the music on users’ computer hard drives and monitors what they play the most as well as what new tunes are added through digital downloads and portable music players.

The data is analyzed in various ways and is then posted to users’ MOG Web pages, which are open to perusal by the entire online community. User-generated blogs featuring the individual’s musical favorites are also encouraged.

“There are music lovers who want nothing more than to tell the world what they are listening to,” spokeswoman Dana Smith said to Reuters. “This is really exciting to people who want to see what other people are listening to and to people who want to show off their stuff.”

Though does not generate music recommendations from the analyzed data, the site does provide 30-second sound links to all users’ collections as well as links to the iTunes Music Store and


  1. This social networking site, friendster for dating, for musics, youtube for videos. Are immerging very quickly, but what about credibility or security, anyone cant submit anything (see myspace problem:

    What I like the most, is site that work with community or groups, no one can submit sensitive or adult information, can be the answer for the credibility of the information submitted. Other site are doing the same thing.


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