Eyespot Opens User-Generated, Ad Supported Mash-up Site

Inplace #2

Viewing a music video online usually requires paying a small fee, but Reuters has announced that Eyespot.com has created an environment where consumers can remix videos and post them on the Web site free of charge.

The posting of such mash-ups is legal because participating artists decide on the material that will be made available to users. According to Eyespot co-founder, president, and CEO Jim Kaskade, these emerging bands quickly saw the value in allowing fans to experiment with their audio and visual assets, prompting them to hand over material, hold competitions, and establish online communities.

On Eyespot, anyone can upload, edit, mix, and share almost all forms of digital media without downloading new software. “We wanted to create a video editing and remixing environment that was drop-dead simple so there would be zero barriers to entry,” Kaskade said. The user-generated videos can also be sent to mobile phones or easily published on a blog or other website.

Rather than charge users for their video work, Eyespot will instead get revenue from advertising, premium additional services, and a share on sales of commercial content generated by free samples.