eWayDirect Unveils New E-Messaging Technology


E-marketing company eWayDirect has launched a new e-messaging technology designed to ensure delivery of email newsletters by bypassing ISP’s and spam filters. eWay’s Direct|Delivery system also allows marketers to track ROI metrics, integrate video, run A/B split tests, run timed campaigns, produce unique coupon barcoding, and track the number of orders or items purchased.

Through the entirely opt-in service, a subscriber downloads a small notification program to their computer, something known as a “Hosted Branded Desktop Application.” It can also be custom-branded to a particular marketer. When an email campaign is sent out, the recipient sees a blinking icon in their system tray and a sliding alert telling them their message has arrived. Clicking on the icon or the notification will take subscribers to a customized message center, hosted by eWay.

Even though subscribers must download a separate program, Direct|Delivery avoids the in-box, and thus the spam box. Campaigns have a 100% delivery rate. “eWayDirect began testing this product on a limited basis about 18 months ago,” said eWay CEO Neil Rosen in a statement. He added, “We are now in our third release and because of the terrific response, we are making the product available for general use. We sell it directly to marketers and through some of the country’s largest list brokers and advertising agencies.”


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