DMA Establishes Standards for Online Advertisers


The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has announced the release of the Best Practices for Online Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Networks to assist marketers in protecting and growing their brands in the online environment. The objective of the document is to provide guidance to marketers employing affiliate marketing in their media plans. Standards that are set within the document aim to enable marketers to maintain good customer perception, as well as protection, of the online brand.

“Preserving the security, integrity, and growth of brands online is more important now than ever as the interactive marketing landscape continues to evolve,” said Matt Blumberg, co-chair of DMA’s Interactive Advisory Board and chairman and CEO of ReturnPath. “DMA’s Best Practices for Online Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Networks provides all marketers with an opportunity to foster an environment in which both brands and customer relationships can flourish.”

The new document is available on the DMA’s website and includes five points dictating how online marketers using advertising and affiliate networks should proceed. The recommended practices include ensuring the legal and ethical compliance of a network, performing due diligence on prospective network partners for the entire advertising process, creating a written contract, constructing parameters within the written agreement, and developing a system to monitor ad placements.


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