ContactAtOnce Adds Pay-Per-Call, SMS to Advertising Services


Presence-aware advertising service ContactAtOnce has added call tracking, pay-per-call, and SMS messaging to their lineup of services. ContactAtOnce is trying to bridge the online advertising gap between clicks and solid leads. Its “presence engine” online ad indicators let ad viewers know a real representative is present and waiting to get in touch with them via phone, VoiP, IM, or video. According to ContactAtOnce, their presence-aware system boosts ad conversion rates by nearly 25%.

“What we’ve added most recently are some of the additional communications channels: click-to-talk, toll free call tracking numbers, the SMS messaging to the advertiser cell phones for mobile type advertisers,” says ContactAtOnce CEO John Hanger. He also mentioned the addition of ‘drop-in indicators,’ “What we call a drop-in visual indicator … is different from just a presence icon in the ad. It’s actually more in-your-face and some our customers, like auto dealers for example, like that style because they prefer to have interactive conversations with their prospects, rather than ‘contact us’ forms.”

ContactAtOnce puts all these lead generating services under one roof, so advertisers don’t have to go to separate companies for call tracking, pay-per-call, etc. They also track leads by communication channel and presence indicator placement for advertisers, and by advertiser performance for publishers. The ContactAtOnce network includes several hundred advertisers over 20 publisher sites. Three or four of those are based in the UK.

Georgia-based ContactAtOnce eventually plans to expand into Europe as well.


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